How to Play

Beach Tennis is easy and fun to play! The basic rules are summarized below.

Similar in size to beach volleyball, the court is 16m long x 8m wide.


The net is 1.7m or 5'7'' in height.

Paddles (no strings) and Stage 2 (low compression orange) balls are used.

The Rules

The same scoring system is used as for no-Ad regular tennis. So after deuce, the next point wins. There is no second serve and if the serve hits the net it is in play.

Playing the game
The game is mostly played as doubles, although singles can be played on a smaller court (4.5m). Under and overarm serves are permitted and either member of the receiving team may return the service. A point is won if the ball hits the ground in the opposing court or if the opponents hit (or serve) the ball out or into the net.


Click the link below to view the ITF Rules and Regulations

Where to Play

Del Mar Dog Beach

2940 Sandy Lane, Del Mar